Do you want that sweet?

Do you want that sweet?

[Sexy Princess]

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[Sexy Princess] Anubis Romper

Sexy Romper with Lace details on the belly and ruffled bra sector, exclusive for the Vanity Event, from 5th to 25th October.

The Romper is only available in Black Color and Maitreya Rigged.

After the event, the item will be available at the [Sexy Princess] Mainstore.

Nerenzo - Little Lounger

October Group Gift available in the Mainstore, wearing your group tag.

The lamp is not included in the group gift, but it’s available to the subscribers. It’s available just on the side where the group gift is obtained.

The Little Lounger is available in both PG and Adult Versions, so come and get it yours!

Body Parts used for the picture:

Do you want that sweet?
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