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Do you dare to look at me? | Captive Mind

Do you dare to look at me?

Welcome my dark Raccoons!

Welcome again to the show of the life, well, at least the show of my own life, as I don’t know when my man will be online again until the electricity is established in his area, I will be posting his posts meanwhile, so I hope I can do it in a good way to satisfy the needs from the sponsors and yourselves!

But well, I must confess that one of my deepest desires is sometimes to be a man, although I like to be a woman myself, so it’s pretty particular that desire. I don’t know if some of you happens as well.

So let’s take a look about the whole outfit novelties I have for you!

Sinful Needs


Infernus Horns

In order to keep the progress of this GREAT designer, he mades this horns also as a exclusiveness of his own, with a state-of-art scripting and revolutionary method to customize the horns, which also are a intrinqued mesh solution for a very high detailed and high quality texturization of them. As it’s becoming usual from this designer, the horns are customizable to the minimum detail, where you can choose the texture of everything, and if you are not happy, you can customize too the final color definition for that same texture, it’s really amazing how they could be customized to the end! They comes unrigged, so it can also be fitted to the most big gigant to the tiniest elf requiring them!

Go get yours at the Mainstore or the Marketplace!!

Reverie Female Amethyst Skin

Thought this skin was created for the Fantasy Faire, it’s still remarkable that the quality, the good finishings on the marks, which makes a complete look just gorgogeous on every detail it has on ours. Through all the quality symbols from this designer, which also included an applier omega hud for everything on our skins, from head to tail, hand to pussy, plus 3 selection of eyebrows and pubic hair, this skin is still donating for Relay For Live, which makes it a great opportunity to get this skin at a good price and take a part in the salvation for those which are in need!

Get yours at the Mainstore or the Marketplace!!

Occularum2 Animated Mesh Eyes

This sweet pair of mesh eyes will make you translate to another level of eye detail, they are omega based, so you can apply any omega eye texture you can have, but the actual bunch of nice textures this designer has will make your wish comes true! With a whole ton load of possibilities, it’s your time to submerge into a real world of fantasy or even fashion!

Grab your pair of mesh eyes at the Mainstore or the Marketplace!!

Daddy’s Choice Designs

Mainstore Marketplace

Lucy Pullover Hoodie

This designer has put all his effort in doing an awesome pullover hoodie to let us feel comfortable. It really gives you the impression to be as comfy as you can be with any alike in real life, also comes with a handy hud of textures that will make your life easier. It’s time too to have a look sometimes more casual and get along the streets now always looking as Diva as we really are, sometimes we need to pass unknown between the multitude! Lol!

The pullover hoodie is available for Maitreya, Belleza Isis, Venus and Freya, Slink Physique and Hourglass, Tonic Fine and Curvy, eBody Classic, TMP and Standard Sizes bodies!

Come and get your copy at the Mainstore or the Marketplace!

Tooty Fruity

Mainstore – Marketplace
FacebookFlickrCreator’s Flickr

Jeans – Claire

Those jeans are just a breeze as they are not the usual jeans straight forward and just with an impossible end to let our feet free. Those semi baggy jeans are just the ones we need for our casual and comfy life. Who wants to be stressed always for the dresses? We need some quality time with ourself without taking to other side our own divinity! Those jeans helps with that goal, and a lot, having us into a great and comfy outfit we can go outside and keeping the eclipse effect on all the others around us!

Take your copy now at the mainstore, as the bi-monthly Elite event which holded it is not more active! Take your taky to the mainstore here!

Other details from the outfit:

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