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Heya my fellow Raccoons!

As I got some free time today, I decided to make some blog post that I owed to you from the news from my sponsors!

I felt somekind guilty to push my crush, as you should already know from my previous post, he’s overwhelmed at work and also having some bad time with the flu, I just hope to prepare him someday some hot soup to let him recover fast! I will keep just attached to his evolution, but meanwhile I will prepare the terrain for further body inspections! Lol!

So, meanwhile I wait for him to recover, let’s take a look at the novelties from the sponsors!

[Sexy Princess]

[Sexy Princess]
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Hailey Black

This provocative and sexy lingerie set comes with the old flavor of a set made with all the good taste, sensuality and will to get what belongs to us from this sweet designer. She loves the woman body and how it looks, and their creations it’s just an enhancement for our exhuberant bodies! The lace part just fits so well and so strategic opens that your nipples will get into action in a non-intrusive way! Also the open crotch thong will allow you to go into it without any problem without being so exhibitionist to other’s eyes!

This kinky lingery set is available for Maitreya and Slink Hourglass and Physique body systems.

Become more kinky at your acting at the Mainstore or the MarketPlace!

MooLoo Body Art
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Babe Bows

This great tattoo artist is the new addition to the sponsors, which is really appreciated as she’s such a great designer! Their tattoos are a very nice ink addition to the skin, as the results are so great you can’t resist to wear some! This one is just a very GOOD combination of kawaii elements, from matriushkas, to japanese elements, laces, handmade drawings… all of them just in a very nice composition that you will enjoy them all!!!

Go get your copy at the Mainstore or the Marketplace!!!

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