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Hi my fellow Raccoons!

There can’t be a friday without minimum a post! So here is my contribution for all those fridays I’m getting mind frozen and don’t get much ideas to share with you ^^

I just got an update about my man getting with some little connection in the phone line, so we are starting to talk little by little on the poor connection he has, so probably along the week ahead he will start communicating more with me! It’s been a whole week as a madness!! I’m missing him so much =(

I know it’s an old song, but I’m getting old too, and that song brings me a lot of memories! Hope you get them with too! And here are the lot of stuff my sponsors have fresh for you! Don’t stop to look them or you will miss a lot of things happening! Lol!

? SassyAF™ ?

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FlickrFlickr POSH Couture

Louise Mesh Hair- Signature

This absolutely great hair is able to get your desire about having your hair in SL with that formal and informal touch at the same time just accomplished. This hair is able to get you to the most chic places with a great gown dress and also having you in a casual wear with a jean and a top and you will notify that it will fit for both in a kind that most of them don’t! I already love it! It comes also with a huge comprehensive hud with a very nice bunch of hair color and textures to let you play and match them! It’s really a must have for all of our kind, as you can see in my expectative mood photo, hehehe…

Come and grab yours at the mainstore!

Strict Passion

This combo dress will make you able to get in the same dress some different fashions to get a complete outfit just driving the hud this great designer has thought for us! On the hud aside to have some versions of the dress in different colors, you will have also access to a black lingerie transformation of the dress and also a night black version of the dress to be more formal. So it’s really a nice move from the designer!

Go and try for yourself at the mainstore!



 Ajisai Kanzashi

New floral hair decoration from this amazing designer! This set has the hydrangea flower in it, so it’s a very detailed representation of a flower which their origins comes from Japan and has extended all over the world! It’s very popular the incolorations of this flower, so the designer has included five (5) of these incolorations to us! (White, Blue, Pink, Indigo and Mauve colors).

Plus, this is a gift from this shop as per the SL15B celebration, the Second Live 15th Anniversary of its opening! Don’t miss this chance and get your free copy of it at the event location!

MooLoo Body Art

FlickrDesigner’s Flickr

Delft Doll Tattoo

Flowers? I’ve seen flowers around? Then it’s time for me! Lol! Flowers are beauty, flowers are just my delight! So what else to show your love for flowers than having on your own skin! This detailed set of tattoos will make you get your whole outfit just a thing to combine with your tattoo!! This designer has so good hand on the tattoos that I can be hours just looking to Irumaru to see all the details she has included in every design, they are plenty and you can’t miss them all!! So if you want to all the ones who are around you, or just the one who’s around you looking at you, then you can’t miss this creation!

Get and jump to it on the mainstore!

Inner Demons

TumblrFlickrCreator’s Flickr

Smutty Mask GACHA

How to show to your master some good habilities by just exposing yourself to him? No! You should tell clearly that you are able to do anything to him. And well, this maks just helps a lot! I already have fun of some of them and it’s irresistible to get more from this creation! It’s a real nice addon for your kinky set and let you show yourself in the current mood you want to be talked!

This gacha is an exclusive for the XXX Event on its first year anniversary! So you better hurry to get yours before the event expires on July 3rd!

Get your taxy to the new event place HERE!



Suck Me!!

I recognize that I love the role of being a babygirl, in both sides of my live (SL and RL), and probably sometimes I took it to an extreme position, that why I loved the creation of this great designer, a pacifier that it’s not alike we all know it, as it has a more kinky and adult ending, as it’s a mouth plug with and outter look of a pacifier, that’s really lovely! ^^ Also the hud that it gets to you makes you complete the words inside (With both Male and Female version of “Baby Girl”, “Daddy’s Girl”, my favourite “Lil Princess”, and a long etc…) plus the texture of the pacifier finishing and also the plug color finishing! That’s just awesome of how this girl thinks about us too! \o/

Come and get yours at the mainstore!

Lube Tub

It’s just a decor item, but it’s so enjoyful to have it just to role about the lube time we need to get sometimes for our hard work! Also it’s the month group gift from this creator! What else are you waiting to get it!

Go to the mainstore and have yours!

.:Tm:. Creation

Creator’s Facebook & Flickr

“The Shells” Beach Bed with anims.+Decors BE4

And this creator just surprises us with one of the great beds around the grid, this time it’s a wooden body bed with very detailed finishings, plus the set of bed sheets that will make your view just so enjoyful that you will forget all around. The bed set comes in both PG and Adult configurations, so you can enjoy of the “boredom” to get you and your crush just some lovely hugs and fine touching (the animations are still great on PG!) of get the full power throttle of the Adult version with some of the best bento animations around the grid just on one bed! Plus, the side decorations of the bed, with the bedside table with some of the finest creations with all the details that are supossed to be from this amazing woman, it’s just an amazing bed set to have on your own.

And if you make a plus that it’s on the Sense Event until July 8th, what are you waiting to get it? Doh! You want a taxi too?

Then get yours to the event location then! Lol!

Other details from the Irumaru’s outfit:

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