Confessions (Part I)

Confessions (Part I)

Well, this is my first post to a series of confessions I want to put here for you, my beloved Raccoons, as a part of letting you know me better, not all the time I will be doing fashion posts!! Lol!

So let’s begin for the first of several confessions I will be putting here from time to time, I expect every week, but let’s give the schedule a time to get everything done.

For today, let’s begin with…


Well this genre was a completely unknown for me until not much time ago, when my crush suggested me to learn from videos, and being a weirdo I am, I found this completely amazing for me genre.

It’s more than a kind for me, not as per the content or probably not all the visual, but it still amazes me how the producers, artist and so many people can get the ideas for everything in the videos, from the short one shot stories to the series.

It’s very amazing how for them, when showing up explicit sex scenes and scenarios, they represent the woman as that stupid woman that loves to be touch even if they are almost raped, at the end of every single scene there are a lot of cum around from both sides, and the girl with a very nice smile on the face for all the arousal received, so it’s interesting on how the japanese perception of the woman faces a lot of controversial for us, the western people.

Another thing that amuses me is how in some hentai movies or series, there is a tiny girl facing a stupid huge man or monster with a massive dick, probably the sense of the reality here lacks a lot when she faces such a piece which is clearly twice his own head. But here it comes the miracle, when the sex scene begins, TA-DAH!, the woman can now get ride of that clearly overdimensioned thing….  So a “camera effect” or clearly the dimension of the japanese man ego before the bed session, when the roles tends to be clearly more visible that only a great stick moving up and down.

But well, after all those inconguences that I like to see, not only because it entertains my weird brain, but also excites it, I do really like that kind of genre. It’s still a unique way to represent the sexual activity in some fantasy related (the most) or just some scenes that could be barely represented on the real life.

So I’d like to hear from you about what do you think about hentai? Put your thoughts on the comment section below!!

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