Can we be a “together”?

Hi my sweet Raccoons!

Sometimes I just get waiting to let check if my crush will come to me or I need to go after him, as seems to be evading me all the time, but geez, it’s exhausting. So I want to ask him if we can definetively be a “together” once for all, as been just all the time wandering from up to down can be boring, thus a plus of action won’t be bad at all, lol!

So how about if instead of keeping moaning and complaining about that let’s start to show the nice items my sponsors have for you?

Tooty Fruity

Mainstore – Marketplace


Heels – Dolli / Dress – Blossom

Let’s Beguin with the sexy dress. Aside to let you look great, sexy and self confident, it has the pro to let you choose the color with the extremely useful hud this great creator provides with the sexy dress. The quality of the finishings and the no-need to get all your alphas to put off, makes this piece as an essential in your inventory!

The dress is available for Maitreya, Belleza Isis, Venus and Freya and Slink Hourglass and Physique mesh bodies.

The dress is also a exclusive item from the Dazzle Event, from June 1st to 25th. Come and grab your copy on the event location!

Then let’s talk about the amazing high heeled shoes I’m wearing, as I’m in love with them! Love the details in them! The rivets and the other metalic elements are too well configured to make you take that extra aggresive look while keep looking delicious and calm, so one thing don’t take the other! Also, the marvelous color disposition available at the hud, lets you control all the parts in the shoes!

The high heeled shoes are available for Maitreya, Belleza and Slink feet systems.

They are also an exclusive for the Spotlight Event, from June 7th to 22th, with a very sensational price of 150L$ for the fatpack which includes the color hud, and also a promotion for individual colors at 99L$.

Come and get yours at the event location!




Backdrop Together

And here it comes another creation of this great designer! This woman really knows how the details will prevail after all, so this backdrop is a good combination of street art plus the light makes it a great place to go!

Come and take a look and grab yours at the mainstore!

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