Can I be your doll?

Hi my sweet Raccoons!

I feel today like I want to play but noone is around to have me playing, so did you get this feeling anytime? I’d like you to share your experiences around!

For me, it’s been awhile since my crush has not appeared, he’s getting some hard time at RL with a severe flu and also with hard working time, so I could only barely talk with him at night and just a little in the morning, before he leaves to work. Also the time zone difference is not helping us a lot! Anyway, I’m just waiting till October to get to see him at his place so we can all enjoy till end of Xmas as per my Tourist Visa let me! \o/

So let’s see what new items do my suppliers have for you!


Marilyn Dress

This nice summer dress makes you feel as comfortable as the wind crossing the sky, just like a breeze in the morning. The nice touch between the textures and also the dress rigging, makes you feel comfy, self confident and with a touch to eat the whole world just on your candyness. It’s just a great outfit combination to go travel through the forest, the sea, the shore or just walk into the city madness with a nice combo of glamour and diva feeling. It also comes with a nice texture hud with customized textures, so you are not in front of the regular color hud, it’s a real texture hud with some very nice creations exclusively for this pretty dress.

The dress itself becomes available for Maitreya, Belleza Isis, Venus and Freya, Slink Physique and Houglass, Tonic Curvy and Fine, eBody and TMP body systems.

Go hurry and put your feet on both Marketplace or Mainstore!!!

Other details on Irumaru’s pic:

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