BouBouKi: Dark Angel Harness

BouBouKi: Dark Angel Harness



Last night I dreamt that you laughed,

That from me behind my back you did

You laughed at my words

You laughed at my caresses

That the others told you

That you laughed at me.


Last night I dreamt you didn't want me

That my feelings you did not share

Of all the love you swore

There was never anything.


Last night I dreamt that you deceived me

From when you touched his caresses dreamed

Who kissed you and loved you

While I was waiting for you.


Last night I woke up crying for you

But when I woke up and you were my side

All the fear and anguish went

I got you by my side.


And everything I dreamed of has never happened

Grab your hand it's all gone.


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