Be my sweetheart…

Hi my sweet Raccoons!

Today is a sunny day, so why we don’t go for a walk! I’ve asked to my crush about go out, but it seems that he is resisting the idea to get out even from home, so well, I’ll take the opportunity to put my Raccoon face to get irresistible to him and try to seduce him! Lol!

Let’s continue with the presentations of this sweet event!

Cart Sale Event – Sunny Side Up Round!

From May 2nd to May 16h


Event Location

TIAR – Sweetheart Dress

This dress will fit all your need to seduce your loved one as it takes you to another level of seduction, giving you the appropiate looking to get your sweetness increased, so you’ll be trully irresistible!

Go get your copy at a reduced price here!

Fantasy China – Ballon with Lights

This nice decoration item will give you another sight on how the mesh is created, taking you to another level of sweetness and giving you the chance to let the other fall in love with you with this sweet creation, it comes too with fancy lights on the cord to let them explode the heart in sugar cream!

Get your copy with such great price here!

Fantasy China – Love You with Lights

Another great creation from this brand that will make you go to the next level easily! A mesh creation with low prim cost that will fit your sweetnes wherever you put it!

Come and check this sweetness here!

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