Are you trying to play with me?

Dear Raccoons!

Here is the first post of all the later posts from my man, I sincere beg the sponsors to forgive him as the connection is so nasty lately he cannot connect, even we can’t talk all that we want, somedays just a message or neither so! 🙁

So it’s time to put the  battteries and turn the volume on to keep the fire on! Let’s go and collaborate my raccoons!

Daddy’s Choice Designs

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Eamon Explicit Outfit

This outfit will make you feel comfy, somekind aggressive to express your reject on everything happening around you! It’s your time to show your rage and it’s the time to get your message arrives to everyone! It’s nothing else more relaxing than yelling that you are not agree with what the issue is, and this outfit will help you around. Also, what else could be more seductive than a tank on a man? Lol! It’s really worthy to try it out! The outfit also comes with a color hud to let you change both the pants and the tank to get your favorite color on you, which is also really a plus when you want to show your rage, but you want to be at least some fashioned and combined to go to the street.

The outfit comes available for Gianni, Jake, Adam, David, Altamura, Geralt, Slink, Aesthetic and Standard Sizes bodies. So it’s a comprehensive standarized sizes with all well rigged which not many men designers are able to say about!

You can get it on both Mainstore and Marketplace! Go and get your copy!!

Other details on the outfit:

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