Are you supposed to make me blush?

Hi my fellow Raccoons!

It’s been a well driven night, so I’m feeling good to get in touch again with my man, it feels so good and so alive I can’t barely think in any other thing than reach him out! Just now my only hope is that the days are coming in fast so I can get till October to visit him and have a great time together!

Yeah, Yeah, I’m putting lately some old 80’s songs, but hell, they are so amazing still up today! I’m a completely fan of 80’s and 90’s pop! How about you?

So let’s take a look about the novelties from my new and fashionable sponsors!!!

Leronso Skins


Skin “Donna” (cream)

This skin designer it’s just a discovery! The faces she mades is just wonderful, making you look truly amazing… I just wonder to discover it soon tho! Lol! This sweet face is just a very nice proposal from this creator, which comes in 4 Tones, compatible with her own body applier too, so you won’t need to worry a lot to mix and match as she has already completed the solution! This face is available mainly for Catwa and extensible to other omega compatible bento and mesh heads.

Come and get your copy for this exclusive face from this creator at the mainstore and the marketplace!

Also you can get the Maitreya, Belleza and Omega body appliers there too!!

MooLoo Body Art

FlickrDesigner’s Flickr

Old School Tattoo

If you were seeing my pictures in some time, you probably will notice that I don’t use much tattoo inking on the skin because I found it rarely optimal for my own taste, but this designer has broken all my thoughts about it, introducing so amazing designs on the tattoo that I love to play and try from one to another, they absolutely detailed, I can’t say it’s about only a thing or just a pattern because she includes so many little and big details that makes just a composition that it’s almost a Leonardo Da Vinci creation on your skin, and I’m not joking!

You have doubts about my words? Go to the mainstore and check for yourself! You won’t regret any of my advices, I promise!

Other details about Irumaru’s picture:

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