Are there candies left?

Are there candies left?

Pretty Deceased

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.PrettyDeceased. Eris Bodysuit

Bodysuit available for Maitreya Body only.

In the fatpack includes 2 HUDs as following:

  • Bodysuit Color Control:
    • 9 Colors for the Bodysuit Itself
    • 9 Colors for the Belt
  • Spike, Belt and Harness Control HUD:
    • Spikes Control
      • Bra and Belt Spikes On/Off
      • Bra and Belt Spikes Sizes (Medium/Large)
      • 4 Metal Colors for the Spikes (2 sizes spikes individually)
      • 9 Colors for the Harness

.:Short Leash:. XXX Trick-or-Treat Bucket

Halloween Pumpkin Bucket with kinky treats to satisfy your naughty needs.

The set includes the following:

  • Holdable Bucket, with 3 bento holding animations, fully compatible with the current AO you wear, including curvy holding bento animation.
  • Decoration Bucket, with low prim count.

Body Parts used for the Pic

Are there candies left?
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