And the world will be mine!

And the world will be mine!

Hi my sweet Raccoons!

I felt somekind anxious the past days, but I’m feeling better as the time goes on, so little by little I feel like I can eat the whole world again! So I tried to show that feeling with the new props offered from the great creators that I have the honor to show their creations!

So, let’s show what the latest releases has to offer to us!

Lady in Chains

Lyndy in Chains (L.I.C.)

MarketPlaceSecond Life Mainstore – Flickr


Gold Standard

This super cute, sexy and sweet wiring accessory for your body will make you to feel like a Goddess who can get everything you can think or desire about! It’s just a simply way to show all your beauty and improve them with a fantasy touch! I’m so in love with it! It comes separated to each part, so you can choose to suit them all in a whole body or just select the parts of your body you want to attach, so you can wear some clothes or other accesories with and still get the other body parts you have free with this set!

It comes with a color, texture and material hud to let you choose and display your favourite one which suits you the most! And it’s also available for Maitreya, Slink Physique and Hourglass, Tonic Fine and Curvy and TMP bodies.

What are you waiting to feel like a Goddess within mortals and get your copy HERE!





Backdrop Protect the World

Damn! I need to show my respects to this great creator, I’m so in love with their backdrops that I can’t stop to use them!! This one is the new creation and comes with a representation of a caged rotating Earth with a light selector outside in a transparent prim so you can play with the inner lights it has to make your own creations! So aside to be a great creation with so much love in the details, you will fall in love with everything you can imagine there!

Go grab your sweet copy at the mainstore!

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