There are only ruins left

There are only ruins left

There are only ruins of that place, of that tower where so many times we find, where so many times we sigh, where so many times our lips were found. There are only ruins left and I look at the horizon waiting for you once again, even knowing that I will not see you again. The night is approaching and I don't know what to expect.

I climb to the top of the tower to lookout before nightfall, I climb the rickety stairs, corroded by time, by the carelessness, the same as you show every time you fail me, you fail your word, you fail what you swore for so long , and once again, as an idiot I return to lookout to the horizon awaiting your arrival.

The night came and you did not arrive, the night came and with it a light drizzle. I let it fall upon my body, wiping, depurándome, making it shine once more under this dim light that surrounds me. I do not need any more, and at last I will be free of these ruins, this carelessness. I will finally be free of you…

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